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I'm an ACE certified Personal Trainer and NASM certified Senior Fitness Specialist. As a lifelong swimmer, cyclist, triathlete, and sometimes runner, I love to share my passion for adventure with others. My focus as a personal trainer is on helping you move with confidence. I am passionate about building strong bones and muscles, having a healthy heart and good balance. 

How can I help you? Whether you're just beginning to exercise, are an athlete looking to fine-tune your performance, or looking for exercise support post injury or illness; my approach is centered around your goals.

Services offered:

  • One-on-one cardiovascular and strength training sessions

  • Monthly cardiovascular and strength training exercise plans

  • Guided stretch and mobility sessions, including use of massage gun, trigger release balls, foam roller, and trigger point cane devices

  • Strength training for endurance athletes and advice for exercise fueling

  • Assistance with goal setting

  • Support for adopting healthy eating habits

  • Exercise programs to improve overall health

Our Services

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